Videoder Download for iPhone I Videoder Video Downloader App/APK

By | September 17, 2017

Videoder Download for iPhone I Videoder Video Downloader App/APK – Videoder has become popular among all the people who loves to watch videos. The wonderful app of Videoder allows you to search for any videos and to download it directly to your device. Though the app is trending in Google Play Store, the impressive features of Videoder has also managed to woo the iPhone users.

Videoder Download for iPhone I Videoder Video Downloader App/APK

As Videoder can directly download from Google Play Store, the Android users will have no difficulty in downloading Videoder for their Android device and therefore this post ‘Videoder Download for iPhone I Videoder Video Downloader App/APK’ is specially written to help iPhone users to download Videoder. Before looking at the steps to download Videoder, put a glance at its features.

Features of Videoder (Download)

  • It has beautiful, user-friendly design and interface.
  • The resolutions supported by Videoder are: 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 144p, mp4, Flv, 3gp and webm. From high-quality videos to low-quality videos, you can get it all in Videoder.
  • Select multiple videos from YouTube and allows the user to download all the videos simultaneously.
  • Gives the option of searching videos and watching the preview altogether.
  • Not only videos, but it also downloads music for free.
  • Remember the annoying ads on YouTube? When you are using Videoder, you can say goodbye to ads altogether. Both downloading and streaming is ad-free in Videoder.
  • It has in built a web browser that enables the user to stream and download videos from the supported sites.
  • Like a channel or playlist from YouTube? Download it all with only a single tap!
  • It can download videos from many popular sites like,, and

Now that you know about the impressive features of Videoder let us see how iPhone users can download and use this popular app.

Videoder Download for iPhone I Videoder Video Downloader App/APK

As Videoder is available for Android users, the iPhone users won’t be able to use it directly. But the great news is a bit of twist and turn is the only thing that you need to download and use Videoder. To use Android apps on a non-Android device, you will need to have an Android emulator. Android emulator enables the users to use Android apps on a non-Android device. For Videoder download for iPhone, we are going to use the popular Android emulator, iAndroid. Let me first tell you why am I recommending you to use iAndroid for the purpose running Android apps on your iPhone device.

  • The most important thing is it doesn’t need jailbreaking!
  • It gives you a real Android feeling by giving you the power to use all the features of an Android device.
  • Switching between Android and iOS is damn easy.
  • The original iOS remains unaffected by the usage of iAndroid.

Now follow the steps mentioned below to download Videoder APK successfully on your iPhone device. Time to know about Videoder for iPhone free download!

Step 1: Open Cydia and click on ‘Manage’.

Step 2: You will get three options on your screen: Packages, Sources, and Storage. Click on ‘Sources’.

Step 3: Search for the source website ‘’. Add the source to your iPhone device, if it’s not already listed there.

Step 4: Now search for ‘iAndroid’.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Install’ option positioned on the top right corner of your device.

Step 6: Wait for few seconds for the installation to get completed.

You have successfully download iAndroid; now it’s time for you to download Videoder.

Step 7: Download the APK file of Videoder APK.

Step 8: Open the APK file of Videoder with the help of iAndroid.

Voila! You are all set to use Videoder that is used by more than 20 million people in your iPhone device now! The partner stores of Videoder are,,,, Aletnativeto,, DownloadAtoZ and Trusted by so many brands, you can never go wrong with this app.

Download and use it for free and share your experience with us. Is it better than other video downloading apps? Drop your reviews in our comment section below. If you are facing any difficulty in following our instructions to download Videoder, feel free to contact us. If Videoder has managed to impress you, then do share post with your friends and relative so that everyone can experience something good.

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