KingRoot APK 5.1.1 Download for Android, PC [Updated]

By | August 13, 2017

KingRoot APK 5.1.1 Download for Android, PC [Updated] – KingRoot is a revolutionary Chinese app, which has made rooting the Android devices very easy. Just a single tap and your Android device will be rooted. There are many versions of KingRoot APK because the developers constantly keep updating their app so that the users don’t feel any problem while rooting their device. The latest version of the app is KingRoot APK 5.1.1. The app is not available in Google Play Store, and therefore, I would advise you to download the app from other reputed sites. In fact, you can download KingRoot APK 5.1.1 from the official website itself.

What Are The Features of KingRoot APK 5.1.1?

There are many improved features in KingRoot APK 5.1.1. And I will list you all the features.

  • You Can Root Just By A Single Tap- Just like the previous versions KingRoot APK 5.1.1 also allow to root your device by tapping once, but the difference is, it does the work for you in an extra smooth way. You can root your device in three simple ways. Step 1: Download and install KingRoot APK 5.1.1. Step 2: Open the app. Step 3: Click on the root button. That’s it and you will be done.
  • Say Good Bye To Active Data Connection- You need to have an active data connection only for a short span of time. The data connection is only needed when you are downloading and installing KingRoot APK 5.1.1 in your Android smartphone. After that process, you can switch off your data connection and then do the rooting of your device.
  • An App That Roots Your Device For Free- You can realize the true potential of Android device without spending a buck. This is because the app doesn’t even charge a penny to root your device. You can complete the process for absolutely free of cost.
  • Get The Purify App For Free- Once, your device is rooted, you should check the App Drawer of your smartphone because you will get a very smart app, known as ‘Purify App’ to purify your device. The best thing is that again you can use this Purify App for free. Now, what is the importance of Purify App in your smartphone? Well, it can optimize your mobile phone by saving battery, clearing cache data, blocking auto start apps and by performing many such processes.
  • No Guidelines Needed- Rooting your Android device by using KingRoot APK 5.1.1 is so easy, that you don’t need any guideline to complete the rooting process.
  • Unrooting Is Quite Easy- If after rooting your device you realize that you were enjoying the non-rooted device, then again there is no problem. You can unroot your device by uninstalling the app. The task is again easy.

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What Should You Know About Using KingRoot APK 5.1.1?

You should know that rooting your device will void your warranty and you can never claim for free repair. Also, if rooting is not done properly, your device can get bricked and then it will be completely useless for you. So, root your device at your risk. KingRoot Studio develops KingRoot APK 5.1.1. The app was last updated on 17 January 29, 2017. The version is 5.0.2. It will occupy a space of 17.55 MB in your device.



If you have successfully rooted your device by using KingRoot APK 5.1.1, then feel free to tell us about your experience, of using the app and also of your new rooted device. Share the post with your friends who are thinking about rooting their device but are a bit reluctant because of the long process that one has to undergo. KingRoot APK 5.1.1 will be a boon for them!

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